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Thus it can be seen that the precious degree of
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a physical body especially for practitioners the mystery of the method is to constantly develop these resources but Qin Changsheng actually abandoned a whole arm in order to win and the loss of his physical resources and strength occupied a fraction of the whole body and the overall strength was sharply reduced Perhaps at this time he had fallen to the realm of a great martial artist

And the future practice is also extremely difficult because some meridians are in the arm Yang Haoxuan said before a finger if there is a meridian inside then this finger for the practitioner is worth a thousand pieces of gold Perhaps in the future Qin Changsheng can practice to Wu Shen from the new shape of the body but break an arm he can restore the strength of Wu Ling is almost the same let alone practice the same realm as God or turn to Wu Shen master to help repair but that also takes time from a new long arm at least more than ten years in the highly competitive Tianhe continent ten years behind Really terrible if there is an opponent who is equal to him others will always be ahead
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of you practice is like this not to advance is to fall behind In a word in order to win Qin Changsheng sacrificed himself sacrificed his future sacrificed his way to the strong sacrificed many many this mentality of serving the country really is the sharp edge of the country the name of Changsheng General is by no means undeserved If you want to ask him silly Yang Haoxuan will definitely say that he is very silly silly people laugh but also silly people awe he did not expect to always treat people well Qin Changsheng broke out unexpectedly so fierce and decisive he is ashamed ah However the game was not over Qin Changsheng's eyes were bloodshot his teeth were gnashed and his face was ferocious and angry He grabbed the silver dragon head of Zhou Wuji's incarnation with one hand The silver dragon naturally broke free and swayed violently but the peak above their heads had already fallen The mountain displayed by Qin Changsheng is lifelike even with clouds and smoke floating in it covered with flowers and many waterfalls falling vertically full of vitality

If it were not falling in the air at this time no one would think that it was a mountain transformed by the method of skill Qianzhang peak fell in the air the speed is called a fast the momentum is called a big Mount Tai pressure top is not so immediately the peak is like Wuzhishan precise pressure of Qin Changsheng and the silver dragon all on the ground Boom! Kilometers around are feeling the earth shaking even Yang Haoxuan himself is unable to control the bounce many Daqin nationals are also staggering but soon all people eyes are looking at the grassland above the past Originally bumpy unsightly grassland standing on a peak everyone knows that under the peak the suppression of a dragon and a person However this huge mountain peak is really amazing especially so lifelike which makes people cry out but in the end this mountain peak gradually becomes transparent and begins to disappear
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after all it is the realm of the God of War that can turn nothing into something The mountain peak disappeared and what came into view was the huge pit that had been pressed out The grassland that had been destroyed by the two men was also pressed neatly It was amazing that in the huge pit a silver dragon was completely pressed into the earth From the scales blood escaped dying and mixed with the surrounding soil It was extremely awkward But Qin Changsheng is standing beside in addition to the left arm blood dripping there is no injury want to be their own skills how can they hurt themselves This competition has finally had a result but many people do not know whether they should be happy or not This price is really regrettable A strong warrior has fallen Ah drink! Qin Changsheng tried his best to ignore the great pain on his body took a cold breath and then mentioned Fang Tianhua Ji It seemed that he was going to kill Zhou Wuji completely He had degenerated himself and how could he make the other party feel better From the imperial point of view losing a Wuling if you want to save the price is to let the enemy lose a Wuling "Oh I didn't expect that he would rather give up his arm to defeat the enemy General Changsheng as his name suggests Zhou Wuji fell this time!"

Zhou Shenfeng and others in the side is also secretly anxious
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eye contact constantly an arm the cost is too much no one thought Qin Changsheng would be so desperate I believe Zhou Wuji himself did not think of No if we let him kill Zhou Wuji even if we win the game we can't go back and explain Zhou Chuchu lost his former smile and said anxiously Yeah so what are we waiting for Save him quickly Zhou Shenfeng immediately rushed up and showed his skill He was very fast At the same time he was afraid of breaking the rules He immediately shouted "We admit defeat and keep people under the halberd!" But Qin Changsheng was not moved at all Fang Tianhua's halberd was about to stab the dragon head Zhou Shenfeng had no choice but to use his sword and attack Qin Changsheng from behind which made many people worry about him However Zhou Shenfeng suddenly changed his expression and stopped by force He saw that the place he had just passed was interrupted by a spiral lightning whirlwind Then he saw Yang Haoxuan standing inside He stood sideways glanced at him and said "Your opponent should be me!" Said Tang Dao a finger a look to fight at any time he was grateful to Qin Changsheng how can let the traitor succeed so directly from the stage all the way lightning poison dragon drill Bold! In the competition life and death you Dazhou dare to disturb the competition but also attack our players do you still want to leave Daqin alive Qin Tianzhu finally angry for a person who loves talent he knows that Qin Changsheng lost his arm is to lose the qualification of Wuling distressed ah in Daqin Wuling is only four at the moment with a shout of anger ring cut the sky And because of Zhou Shenfeng's sudden attack Qin Wudi also led a group of elite soldiers of Daqin to surround him while a group of low-level martial artists of Dazhou immediately stood behind Zhou Shenfeng and Zhou Chuchu a tit-for-tat look the competition atmosphere was particularly tense Poof! "Hiss!" Also at this time Qin Changsheng's Fang Tianhua Ji finally pierced the head of the silver dragon broke a hole the silver dragon desolate issued a dragon Yin eyes finally unwilling to close

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